As a consultant I provide services to my clients a) achieve results by turning  data into actionable knowledge for accelerating strategic program planning and alignment; b) offer solutions used to drive continuous productivity, facilitating real time decision-making, improving operational efficiency;  c) applied approaches with focus on people and process changes that need happen for fostering a culture of collaboration; and introduced collaborative technologies and training to support people and simplify the process of change.

I have proven experience in a) business transformation, operation and optimization; b) product conceptualization, analysis, design, development, and delivering end-to-end solutions;  and I’ve led a wide range of information management, learning, knowledge capture, sharing and collaboration programs.

My activities have entailed strategic planning; competitive market analysis; agile methodology; product, program, partnership development; user-centric system design and product requirement development; cloud-based solutions enabling collaborative learning and business customer relationship management; knowledge management and virtual communities; business analysis and process development; information architecture; client-facing skills including client management, cross functional influence and internal consulting and partnering; planned onboarding and change management; team formation, mentoring, coaching in line with business goals.

I’ve successfully completed projects with Cisco Systems, McGraw Hill Publishing, San Mateo County-Health and Human Agency, American College of Surgeons, University of California-San Francisco, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and a number of start-ups.

Prior to my consulting practice, I founded and managed a start up company to streamline information and project management. I also led the creation of the company’s software solutions: a loosely integrated content management and collaboration methodology in which I implemented the concept and the major capabilities of the current Web 2.0 working environments. This environment put the users in control and tapped into their collective intelligence, which later became the foundation of my consulting business.

I also worked at the University of California, San Francisco in several capacities at the Schools of Medicine, School of Nursing and the Multidisciplinary Medical Information Science Graduate Program.

I have a Ph.D. in Medical Education and Interdisciplinary Studies and participated in a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Medical Informatics, an M.Ed. In Instructional Technology, and a B.A. in Art History. I am the author of multiple papers and numerous international presentations on Medical Education and Informatics; candidate for the chair of the Executive Committee at UCSF Medical Information Science Program; served on the advisory board of multiple organizations including Cisco Non-Profit Group, The Communication Group Agency, Stanford Research Institute ( SRI) eLearning Forum; and I have filed for patent coverage for my system and methodology innovations in collaborative content and process development.